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About Eve


From an early age Eveline Lal has studied Yogic Philosophy and inspired from these experiences obtained her certificates for Ayurveda & Yoga to share what she has learned with others to improve their lives. Her education was first hand in India, where she studied and lived under the tutelage of her guru in his ashram.  It was a life-changing experience for her and set her path into motion as a dedicated yogi. When returning to the Bay Area after her spiritual training, it became obvious to her that many people in modern society can benefit from these ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her aim is to bring light and clarity to her clients, a natural Light-Worker who helps provide vision and positive intent to their lives. She comes from a lineage whose focus is Bhakti Yoga, which stresses the importance of love and devotion for the Divine.

Her practice in meditation involves visualization with recitation of mantra and chanting. Although she comes from a Vaishnava lineage whose devotion is to Krishna, she has worked with Buddhists, Tantrikas, Saivas, and various other faiths. She is open to anyone who is willing to work on themselves to unlock their highest potential.

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